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Interested in joining Artistic Licence?


Artists often get requests for the use of their work from many different sources ranging from magazines and books, advertising agencies, tv or film producers, website builders etc. Or sometimes people will wrongfully assume that no license is required to use your artistic work, particularly if the use is not obviously commercial.  

As a member of Artistic Licence we will work on your behalf to prevent unauthorised copying of your work, and ensure that anyone who uses your artworks does so according to your wishes and instructions. 


There are no membership fees or annual dues to join Artistic Licence, and only a simple terms of membership form to complete. In order to keep the licensing process simple and straightforward, we require that we have the exclusive right to represent any of your licensing interests, so you may want to check with your gallery or dealer to make sure there is no potential conflict. Artistic Licence is not a dealer, and does not assist in the promotion or sale of your artworks.  Ideally we will work alongside your dealer or gallery, and complement the work that they do for you.


How we work.


When we receive a request for a commercial use of your artwork, we gather all of the relevant details, and bring them directly to you with our fee recommendation. You then make a decision on whether you approve the requested usage or not.  You may want to pre-approve some usages so that the process can operate as quickly as possible, as often times the request will require immediate authorisation.  We aim to respect your preferences and requirements and will work with you to ensure that the process suits your personal needs.


We will issue the user with a licence specifying the terms of the usage of your artistic work, as well as an invoice covering the specified usage. Any revenue that Artistic Licence receives on your behalf will be paid to you on a monthly basis along with a report outlining the usage and fees after the deduction of our commission.  

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Terms & Conditions:


By entering the above information, you agree to the following terms and conditions of representation by Artistic License:

1. I grant Artistic License the non-exclusive worldwide right to sublicense third parties the right to reproduce, publish and communicate my artistic works in accordance with this agreement

2. I authorise Artistic License to deduct its commission of 20% from all licensing fees that it collects on my behalf, and pay my share of the remaining 80%

3. I understand that Artistic License will notify me within 1 month of receiving any licensing fees on my behalf, and that it will pay me my share also within 1 month of it receiving the licensing fees

4. I warrant that I am entitled to grant the rights contained in this agreement and these rights do not infringe the copyright of other proprietary right of any other person, and will notify Artistic License immediately if I no longer am entitled to grant these rights


5. I understand that I am responsible for making my own tax payments, I understand that any personal information provided to Artistic License will be preserved as confidential, and in accordance with the New Zealand Privacy Laws

This agreements starts on the date you are admitted to membership of Artistic License and ends when the membership terminates by either party giving the other party no less than 3 months written notice of their intent to terminate this agreement.

This agreement will be governed by the laws of New Zealand