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Photo by Mark Smith

Artist Services.


We believe that visual artists deserve the same copyright protection as all other creators, and this includes the right to be compensated when your artwork is copied,  reproduced or communicated to
the public by a third party.  In order to do this we provide the following services:


1. Licensing - We can work with you to determine the monetary value of any type of request to use your work ranging from on a website to an advertising campaign, so when someone asks to use your copyright protected artwork, we will make sure you don't unwittingly undervalue its worth.

2. Legal Services - Through our relationship with Creative Legal Services, we can provide our members with access to a free consultation or document review by one of  Creative Legal Services legal consultants.

3. International Support - Artistic Licence aims to become a member of CISAC, and through this      umbrella organisation will be affiliated with a network of sister agencies including Viscopy in Australia, who work together to ensure their members receive appropriate compensation for the use of their copyright protected work, irrespective of where the usage occurs.

4. Advocacy - Alongside Artists Alliance and other organisations that work to protect and enhance the rights of visual artists in New Zealand, Artistic Licence also aims to protect and enhance the      rights of visual artists in New Zealand, and strongly advocates for the institution of a resale royalty in New Zealand, and the payment of usage fees by third parties who reproduce copyright            protected artistic works in the course of their business.