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Photo by Mark Smith

About Artistic Licence

Artistic Licence is a rights management organisation that seeks to obtain a reasonable licensing fee from all third party users of copyright protected artistic works on behalf of its New Zealand visual artist members. 

It provides licencing services to its New Zealand artist members, as well as access to legal services through its affiliation with Creative Legal Services, and advocates to ensure visual artists in New Zealand receive the same rights as visual artists around the world, which includes receiving compensation for the reproduction of their work.

It has been established by Caroline Stone, an enrolled barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand, and is also admitted to the New York Bar. She first began working for a creative agency in New York; providing legal services to their artists, while also providing pro-bono legal services through Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, and maintaining a practice in US immigration law.  Caroline has been on the board of Artists Alliance since 2014 and the Flying Nun Foundation since 2016.